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Drilling Equipment Inspection Quality Control:

Covering rotary, surface and subsurface equipment for all your QC requirements, the Fearnley Procter Group can meet your needs for drilling and well completion equipment.

Each engineer is experienced and knowledgeable in the Quality Control side of Drilling and Well Completion Equipment. Our engineers qualify the equipment before it is sent to the well site to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets either customers specification, NS-1™ , NS-2™  Standards, DS-1, ISO 10407-2 or API criteria. Our expert staff are available 24 hours a day to help you maximise your drilling potential and avoid non-productive downtime.


  • Drill String Specification Awareness. (1 Day)
    This is an introductory course detailing the knowledge for the manufacturing and inspection standards process, required for the procurement, manufacturing and field inspection of drilling equipment
  • NS-2™  Theory (3 day).
    This course provides the knowledge required during the inspection of drill pipe and bottom hole assemblies (BHA's). It is aimed at drill string inspectors.
  • NS-2™ Drill Pipe and BHA Inspection Training (4-5 day).
    This course provides the added knowledge required during the inspection of drill pipe and BHA's. The first 3 days are classroom based theory and on day 4-5, a practical examination of inspection procedures will take place. An inspectors certificate will be issued on successful completion.