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Drilling Based Training Courses with set calendar dates

Drilling Training Courses Aberdeen - Well Control schoolThese popular drilling related courses are being run on set dates throughout the year to allow attendees to pre-plan their training requirements.

Note; IWCF & WellCAP Well Control courses are no longer being offered.

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Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Specialised Engineering and Training to reduce Non-Productive Time is our core business. By combining these skills into focused training programs to disseminate knowledge, Fearnley Procter has become acknowledged as a global leader in this specialist-training field.

We have added experienced professionals in our training organisation to meet expanding worldwide market needs and our training course offerings have been broadened.

Drill string failures are an extremely expensive problem, particularly in high-drilling-cost environments such as deep water or ERD wells. Failure prevention, through knowledge of root causes and invaluable lessons learned from previous failures, helps avoid catastrophic well loss and the preventable cost of lost time.

Our proprietary drilling equipment failure database includes over 600 failures, which have been investigated by the company over many years. The experience and knowledge gained in these failure investigations can help operators, drilling contactors and service companies avoid similar, preventable incidents.
For any specialist training requirements not already covered in this brochure, call your local Fearnley Procter office. We can, design an effective, customised programme to meet your specific needs at attractive rates.